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If you’re looking for the best dock builders in Florida, look no further. Silva Dock Builders is the place to go! We’ve been in the business of building for many years and never lost our love for the water.

We know that as a waterfront property owner, you are always looking for ways to enhance your experience and get the best off your shoreline. That’s why we’re here to help you with all your marine construction needs —from planning to boat dock design and installation to repair and maintenance.

Our team is comprised of experts who have been working docks, seaboards, piers, and seawalls for years, so you can rest assured that your platform will be built to last. Whether you desire commercial or small-scale lakeside docks – we’ve got the expertise to get it done.

We take pride in our workmanship and customer service, so you can rest assured that your construction will be built with care and attention to detail from start to finish. Not only do we build impressive marine structures that add curb appeal to your property and give easy water access, but we will also work on time and within your budget! When our Bradenton dock builders are done, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your investment and safely moor your boats or vessels for loading, unloading, repairs, and construction.
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Florida’s Floating Boat Dock, Bulkhead, and Seawall Construction Specialists

If you want to protect your waterfront investment from storms and other harsh weather conditions, there’s the need to put up safeties like seawalls and bulkheads – that’s what we do!

A seawall is a structure that prevents the water from reaching land. It is usually built along coasts with large waves and strong currents. Putting up a seawall will help protect your boat dock and other structures from damage caused by marine borers, waves, tides, and other violent weather patterns. Our construction specialists can build you a seawall – concrete, vinyl, steel, fiber-reinforced polymer, or wood – that will provide practical and long-lasting shoreline protection.

On the other hand, a waterfront bulkhead is an upright stabilization structure commonly seen in commercial and residential shoreline properties in Bradenton, FL – it could either be on land or submerged under water. They help to retain soil conditions and provide protection from water waves. If what you need are bulkheads, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

We also do floating docks! They are made from high-quality materials that will stand up to anything mother nature throws at them—whether it’s a storm or just some rough waves!

When it comes to building bulkhead, seawall, or any marine construction, we will first conduct an inspection to enable us to understand your property and your needs so that we can draw out a plan that suits your project.

Then we will proceed to material selection, obtain the necessary permits and mobilize our crew to begin construction. When we’re done, you can rest assured that your installation will stand out and stand the test of time.

Need a contractor to build a dock in your backyard or a commercial dock for boaters? We’ve got ya!

Our Bradenton dock and lift builders can design and construct custom platforms that will ensure that you get the best off your boat lifts. Typically, boat lifts offer more advantages than the traditional docks that only let you moor your boats while they remain in the water. With lifts, you get a better and safer storage facility. Your boats are elevated from the water surface and guaranteed better condition and extended service life – no storm damage.

Boat Dock
Residential Dock
Dock Construction

Your choice of lift will depend on the dimension and weight of your boat and, of course, the space available to install the lift. A bottom-standing lift is ideal if you’re operating at a shallow depth, say 3-10 feet. For shorelines with fluctuating water levels, a floating boat lift is an affordable option. Suspended lifts are most suitable for large vessels and can be added to a new dock or integrated into an existing structure. With our wide variety of styles and materials, you will be able to create something that perfectly matches your needs.
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Our custom dock builders will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you get exactly what you need from us. We want you to be delighted with the finished work and are committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the process.

Dock Repair

Dock Repair in Bradenton FL

Your dock is a vital part of your property’s value. It’s not just the place where you park your boat, but it’s also an asset that can make or break your home’s worth. If you’ve noticed cracks, rot, rust, sagging, and foundation damage, you could be facing thousands of dollars in possible replacements and overhauling if repairs do not happen ASAP!

At Silva Dock Builders, we’ve got you covered with our professional boat dock repair services. From minor fixes like replacing missing boards to large-scale repairs like rebuilding entire sections of your decking. Prior to commencing repair works, we’ll have our dock expert assess the extent of damage, generate an inspection report, and provide you with a free & no-obligation estimate detailing the total cost of repairs and completion timeframe.

Once you approve our proposal, next comes the actual repair work! Depending on size and complexity, the repair process can take a few days to weeks. Not to worry! We’ll take care of all the little dings and dents and give your dock back its strength so you get back to enjoying the lake or conducting your business.
If your platform needs some attention, a repair, or a facelift, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Dock Design and Installation

Dock Design and Installation

Design is the first step to building anything at all – docks inclusive. A good dock will have a solid foundation that supports your boat. It should also be easy to access so you can quickly get in and out of the water.
Before embarking on a construction project, one of the first few things we want to establish is the type of dock that suits your shoreline property. Choosing the right lakeside dock goes beyond just the aesthetics; we always want to ensure that the right questions are asked and answered at the design stage. We are interested in the depth of the water, the number of boats that will be accommodated, the type of marine vessels that’ll use the dock (kayaks, barges, tug boats, fishing boats, yachts), the condition of the water body (frequent storms or plenty boat traffic), your budget, and maintenance plans.

Obtaining answers to all these questions will help our experts understand the best way to design your dock – stationary or floating style – and install the best anchor, bulkhead, and seawall. In addition, selecting the suitable material for the decking (composite material, pressure-treated wood…), railing, gangway, and floatation support, becomes easier. The best docks are made with high-quality materials like wood (hard or soft) and metal. Still, concrete can also work well if you are willing to sacrifice some durability for lower costs and faster installation times. Whatever the case, trust us to put our best foot forward every step of the way.
Let’s help you get the best of your investment!

Dock Builders in Bradenton FL

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Bradenton Dock Builders – Custom Docks for Boat Lifts and More

When looking for a custom dock, you want to ensure that you get the best construction. You want something that will withstand the elements and last a long time.

What all do you do?

We specialize in building and repairing boat docks and seawalls. We can also construct boat lifts for everything from small boats to huge yachts, pontoons, kayaks, and canoes.

What areas of town do you serve?

In our many years of service in Manatee County, we have worked on hundreds of projects within Bradenton, Florida, area. We have also served Ellenton, Bayshore Garden, Palmetto, Lakewood Ranch, University Park, Bayou Oaks, Cedar Hammock, and the luxurious Riverview Boulevard.

What materials can we choose from?

There are a variety of materials to choose from when building your deck. The commonly used ones include Aluminum, Steel, Wood, and Plastic of varying strengths and durability.

Okay, Okay. What's this gonna cost me?

The cost of installing a dock depends on many factors, including size, type, location, and the materials used. For example, installing a small personal dock in your backyard will be much less expensive than building a large commercial dock along a busy waterfront. Good news is, we give free estimates. So just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your project and then give you a price.

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